Promoting the Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention of Chagas Disease

Chagas Disease Foundation Programs

Providing a repository of accurate information on Chagas Disease

The Chagas Disease Foundation web site will serve as a portal for information appropriate for individuals at all levels – from those who are hearing about Chagas disease for the first time to those who have actively worked with patients or conducted research in this field for decades. For those who are new to Chagas disease, there is accurate and timely information from scientific experts as well as links to resources where additional information may be obtained. For research professionals and physicians, the Foundation will attempt to publicize important events and provide links to recent news and scientific literature on Chagas disease.

Advocating for more robust, better funded approaches to the control and prevention of Chagas disease

Despite being the highest impact parasitic disease in the Americas, Chagas disease is a greatly neglected disease, with modest research funding and shrinking budgets for treatment and prevention. The Foundation will advocate for increased funding and for the intelligent and efficient use of funds and will promote sustainable and low cost methods for combating Chagas disease.

Supporting educational and research opportunities

The efficient use of existing funds requires the sharing of information and technologies. The Foundation will facilitate collaborations and exchange of information and techniques between research groups with capacities in Chagas disease. Through its web site, the Foundation will promote the dissemination of information on research opportunities and results, and facilitate the development of scientific collaborations. As resources allow, the Foundation will fund travel and small-scale educational and research exchanges.