Promoting the Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention of Chagas Disease

Research on Chagas Disease

Although one of the highest impact infectious disease diseases on the American continents, Chagas disease is understudied and under funded relative to other tropical diseases.  Current diagnostics are too expensive and fail to detect all cases of infection; current drugs have variable efficacy, come with sometiems severe side effects, and are difficult to obtain, and vaccines are nonexistent.  One of the primary goals of the Chagas Disease Foundation is to raise awareness of Chagas disease as a human health problem and to make the very best use of the funding available for research in this area.  One way to do this is to bring Chagas researchers together to exchange information and ideas and to forge collaborative projects.

The Chagas Disease Foundation established and periodically convenes the Chagas Drug Discovery Consortim, a  meeting of academic, industry and non-profit entities with an interest in drug discovery in Chagas Disease.

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